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Cloak and Mitt Pictures!

These pics were sent to me today from someone who took them a while back at Saratoga!  They are excellent of the cloak and the mitts!  Have a look-see.   AND!  They are SUCH good pictures.  That one of me in the cloak looking off to the side makes me feel like a movie star! (click multiple times for much larger versions.  You can literally see the stitches.)

An 18th century boat ride

I had the Best!  Sunday!  Ever!  this weekend.  Pete was down in Georgia for the weekend at a naval living history event.  Since he was so close (2 1/2 hours!  but still, comparatively...) I couldn't help but drive down on Sunday morning and see him.  I got the added bonus of seeing some of my favorite reenactors (the navy guys are the best, y'all.  seriously!) AND getting to put in my kit to be part of a film they are doing for a museum here in South Carolina.  I was one of the members of the crowd who stood around and watched James get whipped with a cat o' nine tails!  I got to be the "horrified" onlooker.  It was fun.

And even bigger surprise awaited me when I got there, because I found out that they had a boat!  It's a little 15-ish Foot dorry that they usually use for rowing excurstion, but that Pete had managed to make a sail for on Saturday night (I'm being serious here.  He literally sat down on Saturday night, handsewed a sail, and then rigged it to the mast.  All in one evening.  How fabulous is he?).  SO I GOT TO GO SAILING!  On a period rigged ship!  In my kit!  With Pete!  As if it couldn't have been more perfect, the weather was amazing and beautiful and breezy.   And, of course, I took pictures (since my main purpose in life is to convince all of you that reenacting is the greatest thing in the world, in case you didn't know that already)
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