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Did you see that chain mail bikini?

Fort Frederick!

Ft. Fred Market Fair was so fun this year!  It almost felt like a new event, I think because I usually go with my reenactor friends and this year I went with the costuming friends!   It was so fun to be pretty and fluffy and I'm so glad I wore my crossbarred silk gown because it was delightful in the billowing winds, as evidenced by this lovely picture from madamekat:


Everyone looked FABULOUS and once again I was wowed by how gorgeous and talented and generally wonderful my friends are.  I feel so lucky to be able to hang with you gals (and your good-humored and patent guys, too!).  It was especially wonderful to have my dear jennil with us, who made it so special!  And thank you to quincy134 who put me up for not one but TWO nights, and was a totally wonderful hostess.

I got some good pictures, so I'll put them under the cut...Collapse )
Did you see that chain mail bikini?

12th Night Party

Man, hiraimi's party was incredible!  The house is gorgeous and she, Robin, Mandy, and her parents really pulled out the stops with food and decor and booze.  Having the added bonus of 100% firelight was also incredible.  It felt like a real Regency 12th night!  Thank you so much, Alice!

And everyone looked so amazing.  I am consistently amazied by how talented all of you are.  Really awesome!

Most of our pictures turned out blurry, but here are the best of the bunch.  Feel free to use any of them if you would like!Collapse )

The (1st Annual) Francaise Dinner Party

(At least I hope it is the first annual!  Please!)

Bryan (drunktailor) and I drove up to Philadelphia yesterday to attend the amazingly wonderful Francaise Dinner Party hosted by madamekat and sewloud.  It was AWESOME.  Not only was the company delightful, the food amazing, and the location lovely, but that was just about the most fabulous collection of gorgeous gowns, bling, and feathers I have ever seen.  Ladies, can I tell you how impressed I was?  I will say it again and again:  I am so lucky to know you.  Everyone looked amazing!   My only complaint was that it hurts to eat that much and laugh so hard in stays.  Ouchie!

I was quite pleased with how my dress turned out, given that I did a tremendous amount of finishing work in the car on the way up!  When I wear it again, there are definitely some things I will change, but for being my first francaise and working without a pattern, I think it looks pretty good!  The color looked really pretty in candlelight (though it does look weird in some of the photos) and it is absolutely the most rustle-y dress I've ever made, which is always a benefit!

I took a ton of pictures, but at least 75% of them are blurry and/or dark.  Boo.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I've added the rest to a google album right here.  Hopefully you can all see it.  If not, let me know and I'll put them somewhere else!

18th Century Shakespeare, anyone?

 Ooooh!  I found something very exciting today!  

There is a gorgeous plantation in downtown Fredericksburg called Kenmore Plantation, which was the home of George Washington's sister.  It was built-  I think- in the mid 18th century but I'm not certain about that.  It's been beautifully restored and has gorgeous gardens and a huuuuuge lawn, and I just found out that in June they are doing "18th Century Shakespeare" on the lawn!  They are encouraging picnickers!  So, anyone interested in an 18th century lawn party/picnic and a play?  Bryan and I are definitely going to go in our finest, and I would LOVE to have others come along!  I don't know the times/prices yet, but I'd be happy to organize it and coordinate everything as long as we have some people to play with!  The date is Saturday, June 18th.  We have an extra bedroom and a little bit of floor space if anyone wants to crash, but it is probably close enough for lots of people to drive.  

Who's in?

Evil Countess


Let me tell you something, readers.  If you are ever invited to a party at [info]jennylafleur's house, you need to go.  I don't care if you have friends in town from Vermont and you have abandoned them downtown only to get dressed up, go to her house, knock on her door, and have her very nice father tell you that the party is on Sunday, not Saturday.  I don't care if then you abandon you friends who have driven from Vermont to hang out with you downtown yet again to get dressed up and actually go to the party on the CORRECT day.  You just need to make sure you are there.  (And I'm not saying this actually happened, but I will say that both my friends and Jenny's parents are lovely and patient people.)  Because when you go to that party, you will be blown away.  

Like, 6-course gourmet blown away.  Seriously.

That girl knows how to throw a party. 

Thank you so much to our lovely hostess, the guests of honor, and everyone else who came from near and far!