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What I wore: Green Striped Polonaise

On Saturday at Costume Con I wore the green striped Polonaise.  Overall, this was my favorite outfit of the weekend simply because I felt like the fit was the best of all of them and it was the most properly finished.  The gold ruffle at the bottom turned out beautifully, as you will see from the full-length image.  I was initially worried that it would stand out too much, but it effortlessly blends in with the rest of the gown and really turned out nicely (good job, you guys!  You have impeccable taste!).  The only bad thing was that it shed like you would not believe, and there were MANY times during the day where I had to lean over and snatch off yards and yards of gold threads that were trailing behind me.  

I think I'm going to need to go back and actually hem the entirety of the ruffle, because it shows no sign of being at a stopping point of fraying.

I believe that the last time I left this dress I talked about the petticoat trim, but I also eventually added box pleating along the skirt and sleeves and a wide knife-pleat along the neckline.  I'm actually quite pleased with how the trim on this turned out, given that I was so worried I wouldn't have enough.  All I can say is that there is a shocking amount of piecing in the trim!

Bizarrely, I don't have any pictures of me alone in this dress, so these were stolen from madamemodiste , quincy134 sarahlizzi bauhausfrau  and girliegirl32786 .  Thanks for picking up where my camera left off, ladies!

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Alright, I'm officially freaking out about costume con!

According to my schedule, I was supposed to be 100% finished with the striped polonaise on Friday night and I am nowhere close!  Last night I sewed down the box pleated trim on the skirt of the gown and sewed half of the trim down on the petticoat (I had forgotten how much time trimming takes!), but I've still got a lot more to do including:
  2. A little bit of cleanup on the bodice
  3. Bodice and sleeve trim
  4. Re-pinking the trim on the petticoat (I used wave shears on the straw taffeta, but I don't like it and I want to pink it now)
And then I still have a whole 'nother gown to do!

I've decided that I am going to do the blue and gold Whig gown.  It's been in my head for ages and I want to do all 18th century and it's a style that I know to some extent so there isn't a lot of patterning stress involved. 

I haven't really started on that yet- just torn the panels for the petticoat and skirts and sewed them together, but at least it is something.

I do still have two more weekends, at least.   I hope to finish the green polonaise by THIS friday, then I can start on the Whig gown. 


I need your opinion!

Ok, I've hemmed and I hawed and I've rent my garments fabric, and I've come up with a few options for trimming the polonaise.  I was able to eek out enough fabric to do a box pleating along the edge of the skirt, so that I'm happy with, but now I need to figure out how to trim the petticoat.

My original plan was to have a deep, ruched ruffle all along the bottom, but I don't have enough fabric to do a deep one.  I cut it all down to half it's size and I still only have a double length so it will be skimpy.  However, it isn't terrible:

It's about 6 inches deep.  (Also!  Here's my fabric for the first time!  Isn't it pretty?)

However, I'm still not thrilled with it, so today I went out and bought 1 1/2 yards of a straw taffeta that matches this.  I can do a hell of a ruffle with this stuff if I want to- there is plenty:

I'm a little "meh" about this.

Or, I can combine them thusly:

So, what do you think?  I can't decide.

Poll #1381746 How should I trim my Polonaise petticoat?

Whadd'l it be?

Just the Green
Just the Beige
The green and the beige
The green and the beige, but the green should be a narrower piece and therefore fuller
These are all ugly. You are a failure.

Isn't my fabric pretty?

Or, do you have a better idea?  Do share!

Trimming Grrrrrs

I am frustrated!

I don't have enough fabric to finish the Polonaise like I want.  Grrrr.  I figured 7 yards would be PLENTY with some to spare, but it is a much narrower width than I am used to working with.  What a rookie mistake!  I can't believe I didn't pay attention to the width!  In an effort to have enough fabric left over to trim, I pulled out an entire panel of the petticoat, which makes my circumference only 108".  I wanted it to be much fuller.  I thought with that I would have plenty to do the trim, but even that is keeping it skimpy. 

And I don't even want elaborate trim!  Just a deep, full ruffle on the petticoat (and full isn't going to happen now, since I don't even have enough for a double length on the ruffle) and box pleats along the skirt of the gown.  I'm going to need to get very creative. 

It's especially frustrating because I had to waste so much fabric cutting out the bodice (stupid stripes on their stupid bias!) but didn't end up with any pieces that are even near large enough to piece.  

Please join me in my frustration with stripes!

Also:  Grrr!

Progress, progress!

Last night I finished the main contruction of the bodice (well, except for the sleeves...right bauhausfrau ?!).  It has gone together much quicker that anything else I have done.  I'm not sure why.  maybe it's because I've been watching Firefly and it makes the time go by so quickly! 

If I stick to my schedule, I have to be completely finished with this gown in exactly one week, which I don't know if I can do.  I have decided that I am going to do the long seams of the petticoat by machine just to save time, but everything else is handsewn.  This weekend I hope to complete the petticoat and attach the skirts to the bodice, which leaves Monday-Friday to finish the trim and the sleeves.  Now that I'm actually talking out what I need to do, it doesn't seem so bad.  The trim isn't going to be elaborate on this gown because I think the fabric itself is very decorative.  I'm definitely going to do a big, deep ruffle around the petticoat, but I'm not sure what else.  I'll need to put it all together and see what else it needs, I suppose.

I did, however, get some gorgeous silk organdy that I'd like to do somethign with.  Maybe a sheer little frill around the neckline is just the thing!