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Did you see that chain mail bikini?

Anyone looking for cross-barred silk?

Came across a couple of nice cross-barred silks on fabricguru.com today.  They're a good price, too!

Beacon Hill Villemont Silk Plaid Decorator Fabric in Salmon $17.95 per yard

Robert Allen Silk Plaid Decorator Fabric in Mint $14.95 per yard

The first one is particularly nice- and looks a lot like mine!\

(Why is it that cross-bars almost always seem to be a combination of pink and green?)

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 Hello LJ hive-mind!  I've had this image saved in my files for nearly 10 years, but I have no information about it. 

I have this memory that it is a German swatch book from the 1770s or 1780s, but I can't confirm it and it is making me crazy.  Anyone else recognize it?  Please tell me you took better notes than I did!

Fabric adventures

Pete and I took a field trip into the outskirts of Boston to visit a fabric store that quincy134 told me about, Sewfisticated fabrics.  We found some good stuff and one major find- several large remnants of appropriate-weave cotton for Pete to use for a new suit and waistcoats and 2 remnants (equaling 5 yards) of a poly taffeta that I actually thought silk.  It's a lovely, crisp pale pink that I intend to use for my first foray into the regency era (errr...so jennilquincy134 I'm seriously going to need some help in the upcoming months, k?).  And the best part was:  $1.99 a yard!!  5 yards of beautiful "silk" for 10 bucks is hard to beat, and totally made the trip worth it.

One weird thing happened though.  In their "pure silk" section they had this GORGEOUS red and green shot taffeta.  It had a beautiful feel and luster and I had a FIT when Pete showed it to me.  Then he saw that the bolt was actually labeled as 100% polyester.   I didn't believe it and said there was NO WAY that was poly.  But, to be safe, I took a few fibers out to the car to do a burn test and I will be damned if that fabric wasn't polyester.  It melted right away and had that plastic smell to it.  Ya'll, I STILL can't believe it.  Have you ever had that happen?  How could this perfect, gorgeous silk actually be polyester??  It has turned my world upside down.  I didn't buy it, of course, because I'm an inexcusable snob, but I kinda wish I had.  It was only $3.99 a yard, even if is wasn't accurate.  Though, as I told Pete, the only way anyone would be able to tell it was poly is if I fell into a fire and my gown turned into a puddle of melted plastic.

SERIOUSLY.  Polyester?  Seriously?

Wool Terminology

This is really for my own use, because every time I want to find this I have to dig it up out of the back posts on the yahoo list it came from, but here is a listing of wool fabric definitions and what types of wool to use for what types of projects:

(and, incidentally, this is from Sharon Burston, who is one of the experts among the reenacting world)

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Book Alert!

Today I opened my e-mail to find a nice little surprise from Amazon- a $5 gift certificate for pre-ordering Harry Potter.  I decided to apply that, and some credit I had left from another gift certificate to ordering This (it's a link):

Textiles in America 1650-1870

This is Florence Montgomery's monumental work on, obviously, textiles in America.  This book used to occasionally turn up on E-Bay for around $300 so they FINALLY re-printed it and now it is available from Amazon for about $32 in hardback.  It's still a pre-order, with a date in September, but it may be earlier, because I know people who are already starting to get copies they ordered from elsewhere.  I had a change to look at this book (my library has a copy) and it is awesome.  If you are a textile freak, like me, I really recommend this book.

special linen goodness!

Just a head's up:

If you add the code "ilovelinen" into the checkout page at fabrics-store.com, you will get something like 7% off of your order.  Sweet!

(p.s.  Fabrics Store is my favorite supplier of linen online.  I get a lot from them and find them to be high-quality and low price)

molotov_quaker did you tell me about this?

*UPDATED*  For the next 4 days, if you also enter the "FreeDHL" code, you get free shipping, which just saved me $7.21

Fabric Heads Up!

Got this today from Fashion Fabric Club:

We just got in a luscious group of 100% silk satin. Perfect for any special occasion, they are attractively priced at $12.95 a yard (compare to $40 a yard).

Dude.  $12.95 for silk satin is incredible!  Is it too good to be true?  Have any of y'all ever ordered silk satin from FFC?  Is is all slubby or something? 

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The sleeves are now officially trimmed.  I decided not to go with the elaborate sleeves in the fashion plate.  It just seemed like overkill, especially since the trimming I am doing on the neckline and on the skirts is simpler than the original design.  All I did was add a wide band of box pleats to each cuff.  It is simple, but enough. 

Here is what I have left to do:
1. Finish futzing with the damn lining
2.  Trim the neckline
3.  Sew in the tapes to polonaise the skirt. 

Wow...I'm almost there. 
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About a week and a half ago, I ordered some cotton organdy fabric from an E-Bay store.   I had to go to the post office to pick it up, and after a hide-and-seek with the mailman (after he had been back up to the counter asking me questions 3 times, I heard him scream from the back, "OH!! I FOUND IT!  IT'S FROM INDIA."   It would appear that mail from India has its own special place.)  Anyway, it is gorgeous.  Very sheer and beautifully crisp.  It also has a beautiful selvedge edge that I fully intend to incorporate into anything I use it for.  Hooray for no hemming.   I'm going to use it to make a fancy cap with lots of knife pleats to go along with the polonaise.  I might make a kerchief as well, but the fabric may be a little stiff for that.  I'm guessing organdy loses the stiffness if it is washed, right?  Is there some sort of treatment on the fabric that makes it have that texture? 

It was cheap too, only $4/yd (at 60" wide).  If you're interested, it is from Exclusive Silks (which has some other lovely fabrics, though I can't offer my opinions as I haven't bought anything else from them).
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A question about wool

So according to my e-mail, Fashion Fabrics Club is having a "HUGE" sale on silk and wool.  I do want to buy more wool, so maybe this is a good time.  My issue is, I know almost nothing about wool.  I've only ever lived in places where it is shockingly hot for most of the year, so wool and I are only minor acquaintences, not good friends.   My question for all you knowledable, fabulous people is:  What types of wool are appropriate for the 18th century?   I'm so unfamiliar with the terminology, that I'm sorta lost.

Merci, darlings!

And for fabric....

Last night I came home to the swatches from Denver Fabrics and G-Street,  and today I got the swatches from Fashion Fabrics Club.  Wahoo!! 

Decision time, people.

Basically everything from FFC is out.   The taffeta was too lightweight and the twills just weren't so great.   On the other hand, everything from Denver Fabrics was beautiful!  I ordered this, this, this and this.  These fabrics are beautiful.  They are a really heavy, crisp fabric.  Much nicer than I would imagine for only $17 a yard.  The swatches I got from G-Street that were this quality were all in the $40-$50/yard range.

That last one wasn't really something I imagined I could use, since it didn't go with the burgundy, but I was just so curious.  Let me tell you, if I wasn't super committed to the red, I would use this.  It is gorgeous.  The picture doesn't do it any kind of justice.  The colors are rich and shimmery.  I will have to make something out of this one day.  No question.  I decided ultimately to go with the second red.  It isn't nearly as dark as it looks in the picture, and the color has some depth to it.  It looks luxurious, while the first one just looks dull.   And the bone color looks really pretty with it, so that will be the trim.

YAY!!  Holy crap.  I can't believe I'm actually getting to do this!

Oh yeah, and I also ordered a couple of the faux fur swatches from Denver Fabrics, just because I've been wanting to make a fur-lined hood on a new cloak I have in the works, and I've been pining after a muff.  They are nice furs!  I was surprised.  I especially liked the arctic fox and the grey seal, if anyone is interested in making something out of fur any time soon.


Now with PICTURES!!!
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