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Cloak and Mitt Pictures!

These pics were sent to me today from someone who took them a while back at Saratoga!  They are excellent of the cloak and the mitts!  Have a look-see.   AND!  They are SUCH good pictures.  That one of me in the cloak looking off to the side makes me feel like a movie star! (click multiple times for much larger versions.  You can literally see the stitches.)

The Yorktown clothing scramble

The cloak is finished!  And looks wonderful, I think.  All I did was pleat the neckline and the hood so they would be a little bit smaller, but it is incredible what a difference it makes.  Before, it looked like it was sort of sagging off the shoulders, but now it is snug around my neck.  I also added a grey lining which looks really nice.  The color combination is lovely, and the hood is so warm and comfy!   I'll take pics this weekend and be sure to post them.  

And the dress?  ugh.  I almost took it out into my front yard yesterday and just burned the damn thing.  This lining thing is a chore.  It's really frustrating, because most of it went in really easily.  I'm doing the lining in three pieces - one back and 2 front/sides.  The back was very easy, as I imagined it would be.  The first side piece took some time, but after a lot of coaxing, it went in smoothly.   But this last piece will not work to save my life.  I have pinned and smoothed and re-pinned and re-smoothed more times that I can count.  For some reason, it just isn't working.  I've gotten it pinned to where it is perfect, but every time I stitch it in, there are these big bulges in the linen from where it had pulled all wonky.  It is frustrating me to no end.   

I've worked on the stays a little bit.  I put in some new eyelets since I had to cut some of them off.  In about 20 minutes, I'm going to finally cut down the other side.  I probably won't get around to binding the edges, but that will just have to do.  I'm not trying to look pretty this weekend, and I doubt anyone is going to see them anyway.  

I've decided to abandon the new shift.  The only way that I would be able to finish on time is if I machined most of the seams, and I'm just not going to do that.  Especially since this is my nice fustian and I don't want to turn it into a shift that I can't really wear to events.  I'll just use my linen ones.  Julie is nice enough to loan me a wool petticoat, and with my cloak and my linsey-woolsey stockings and two blankets, I don't think I'll freeze to death.  

And, in other news, I found my camera cord!!  Huzzah!  I'll finally be able to post some pictures of the progress on the stays, which I will do later today.

Almost finished

How much do I love cloaks?  I'm basically finished with one of them, with the exception of the hood lining (I think I'll go with a brown linen), so yay!  That took all of one week with me working on two other projects in the mean time? 

It ended up being just over knee length, which I love.  It isn't long enough to sweep into a fire or get caught on anything, but man is it warm.  Just having it on for 5 minutes while I took some pictures today made me all sweaty.
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Cloak Progress

I forgot to update yesterday.  Sorry!  But I did make some progress.  I got the cloak cut out, and it did end up being a little more than a half-circle, but that is no big deal.  Then I sat down to work on the hood.  I was fairly certain that I had enough fabric at the bottom corners to cut out the hood with no problem, but, much to my chagrin, when I went to cut it out, I realized that I was short by a few inches on either side.  So, you know what that means....PIECING!  

Luckily, the good people at South Coast Historical had this same problem, and their pieced hood looks just fine.  I didn't even notice the piecing the first time I looked at the cloak.   Isn't it funny what we notice when we are trying to solve a costuming problem?   Mine isn't pieced the same way, but I'll put some pictures up to show you how I did it.    After cutting out 3 (THREE!!) pieces on the wrong side of the fabric, I finally got both sides of the hood put together, although with my wasted backwards pieces, it was more challenging.   I still need to press all the seams, which I want to do before I start putting everything together, so I probably won't work on it today.  What I'm going to do instead is start cutting out the second cloak, which will be going to one of the other lovely ladies of the 17th, sweet_lil_yank.  I promise yours will be better than mine, Julie!

Also yesterday, I started pulling all the binding off my stays.  I have never been so angry at a piece of clothing in my life.  Not even the first gown I draped, which is saying a lot.   I'm going to trim up the boning today and hopefully get everything ship shape.  I want to get these done quickly because I am hankering to make a new duct tape double.  I've got some beautiful gray linen that I have been dying to make something out of, and I'm eagre to make a new gown.  

But that is for another day, thank goodness.  

I'll try to get some pictures up later.    

Red Wool Cloak

Well, today at work I started work on my red wool cloak.  The fabric is from 96 District and I am sewing it with red silk thread.  It will be entirely handsewn, which means I have done a tremendous amount of backstitching today.  It has been somewhat of a mess because when I bought the wool, I bought it with the sole intention of making a cloak.  However, it was such a good deal ($6/yard!!) that I bought 6 yards instead of 4.  Then I realized, I have nothing to do with 2 extra yards of a cloak weight wool, so I decided that I will make 2 cloaks, and sell one on EBay!

However, that presented a small problem.  You really need a little over 3 yards to make a full length cloak, but I have only 3 each, so it has been a piecing adventure!!  This is actually good, because piecing is VERY 18th century and, I think, underrepresented in our modern reproductions.    

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Upcoming projects

I'm working like a fiend on my stays (progress will be posted tommorow! with pictures!) so I can have them finished for an event on Sept. 9th and 10th in Hillsboro, N.C.   I do have some other stuff that I hope to have finished by then.

1. A red wool cloak. It probably won't be cold at all, so I won't be devastated if I don't finish this in time. But I want one so very badly.

2. A bedgown. About 3 months ago, I tried to make the Kannick's Korner bedgown pattern, and it was a disaster. I never got past cutting out the pattern because it confused me so bad. There is a giant heap of scrappy-looking yellow fabric in the corner of my room that I can't bring myself to pick up.
    Then I just tried to make up a pattern, which worked ok,  but I don't love it. So I'm going to start over with a nice heavy green linen I got from 96 District Storehouse. I'd like to be able to wear it to the event. We'll see.

Now since I am moving for the next week, I'm a little stressed about how I'm going to finish. I'll commence freaking out *now*