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Did you see that chain mail bikini?

Hunter's Head Tavern Lunch!

We had a lovely little group for our 18th Century luncheon at Hunter's Head Tavern today!  I was especially excited that Alice came down all the way from Philly to attend!  She and Jenny-Rose had a sleepover on Saturday night and there were many, many libations consumed.  It was wonderful :)

The tavern was wonderful.  I thought the food was delicious and we were upstairs in a private room that was perfect!  I hope we can organize something else there again.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few:

Our dining companion also made a most excellent hat rack!

Jenny-Rose's awesome hat!

Gloria's awesome hat (that she made with my ribbon <3)

Some scandalous wardrobe assistance!

Here are Gloria's pictures!
Did you see that chain mail bikini?

18th Century Tavern Day- follow up!

Thanks for voting in the poll for the 18th Century Tavern Day!  It looks like Sunday, September 29th is the winning vote (which makes me especially happy because my birthday is the 26th!  Yay!)

So, if we do it on Sunday, September 29th say around 1:00 PM, how many would be able to make it?  I think there is a private room available upstairs, but I'd like to have a general # before I call them to see what would be available!

And boys are welcome- of course!  Bryan will be there, so I hope some of y'all will bring your fellows as well!

And we have one cat-infested guest room (and some floor space in the living room!) if anyone would like to stay with us or get ready on Sunday morning.  We're in Alexandria- about 30 minutes away from the tavern.

Just leave a note in the comments if you think you can come- and how many would come with you.  And of course invite anyone you can think of!



(Kudos to the amazing driftingfocus for taking these gorgeous pictures!)

Here's the hat in all of its giant, ridiculous glory!  Unfortunately I only got to wear it for these pictures, because our picnic got rained out so I didn't want it to be ruined. By the time these were taken my hair had collapsed pretty significantly, but it still made me blissfully happy to wear!  Despite the rain we had an awesome time!


 I'm in full-on sewing mode for my 18th Century Picnic/Shakespeare outing this weekend!  Since it is vague and "18th Century" I'm taking advantage of it and using it to play in my favorite fashion period- the late 1780s.  I've decided to re-wear my blue and gold striped whig gown that I made for Costume Con a few years ago- that was the only time I have ever worn it, and what a waste of beautiful silk, huh?

It had some fitting problems last time, mostly due to my frantic last second finishing of it, so I'm re-doing the sleeves and the neckline, which will make it slightly more satisfactory.  

Since I'm wearing an already-made gown, I decided I would coddle my "OMG NEED SOMETHING NEW" urge and make a big, giant hat!  I've been posting a lot of fashion plates from Magasin des Modes Nouvelles at my fashion plate blog, and the hats in that publication are absolutely glorious.  Here are a few that I'm using as my inspiration: 


Fine, I am going to post them over at Hats from History, so go see them there.  Seriously, LJ- why you gotta be like that?

Anyway- I'm using a very stiff white cotton organdy that I had in the stash and some as yet undecided ribbon.  I do have two GIANT burgundy feathers that I want to use on something, but I can't decided if the burgundy with clash with the blue and gold.  When get to feather-applying point, I'll post and let y'all help me!

18th Century Shakespeare, anyone?

 Ooooh!  I found something very exciting today!  

There is a gorgeous plantation in downtown Fredericksburg called Kenmore Plantation, which was the home of George Washington's sister.  It was built-  I think- in the mid 18th century but I'm not certain about that.  It's been beautifully restored and has gorgeous gardens and a huuuuuge lawn, and I just found out that in June they are doing "18th Century Shakespeare" on the lawn!  They are encouraging picnickers!  So, anyone interested in an 18th century lawn party/picnic and a play?  Bryan and I are definitely going to go in our finest, and I would LOVE to have others come along!  I don't know the times/prices yet, but I'd be happy to organize it and coordinate everything as long as we have some people to play with!  The date is Saturday, June 18th.  We have an extra bedroom and a little bit of floor space if anyone wants to crash, but it is probably close enough for lots of people to drive.  

Who's in?

Ft. Frederick

First of all, thanks for all the picture postings from Costume Con!  I've enjoyed watching you beautiful girls in  your lovely costumes.  And huge congratulations to koshka_the_cat and girliegirl32786  for winning all of the awards!  You ladies are delightful and always an inspiration!  Yay!

I did miss you all, but I had a lovely time at Ft. Fred.  I sold three of my bonnets and met some awesome new people and saw some old friends!  I did manage to finish my green dress on Friday night, which means that minus March (and that wretched bib-front) I am still on track with my New Year's resolution!  Hooray!

Here's a few pics of my new dress (and one of my bonnets)

Please please please forgive the wrinkled stomacher!  It actually fits me properly when I have a mirror to look in when I'm putting it on!

So, my hair is crazy long right now and try as I might, I couldn't get it flat enough on my head to make this bonnet puffy when worn correctly.  That is why is it sitting WAAAAY up on my head.  

I've changed bonnets here.  That's because while we were walking around I let sweet_lil_yank wear the bonnet with the puffs and a lady bought it right off of her head.  Hello, good advertising!

And here is drunktailor looking dashing and charming.  I'm pretty sure that when he and dandytailor met there was some kind of black hole that formed because of all the dash and charm that was located in one place!


Also this!

Here's a short (seriously, it's like 12 seconds) of me shooting a musket for the first time!  It was double loaded with cartridges that the Patriot's end zone militia use, so it's a big boom!  So fun!

MORE workshops!

These are the ones that are put on by the Ladies of Refined Taste that I was telling you about at our sewing day, quincy134 and jennil .

They sound very low key and fun. 

About the Hives:

The Hive will be held on one Sunday of each month from January to March from 1pm-4pm at the Samuel Brooks House at Minute Man National Historic Park in Lincoln, MA.   Each Hive will include a one-hour presentation followed by two concurrent workshops.  In addition, a room will be available for those who would just like to bring a sewing project and/or visit.  The Sunday Hives are free of charge to reenactors and Park interpreters. Tea and coffee will be available, please feel free to bring a snack or sweet to share.

For questions and more information on Hive workshops 
contact Stephanie Smith at s-ksmith@comcast.net

We look forward to seeing you there!

HIVE 1: Sunday, January 13 -- 1pm to 4pm
Focus on improvements to your Battle Road kit–
This is a must for all Battle Road participants -- newbies and veterans alike!!!


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lecture: Battle Road Clothing Review Using period satirical prints as inspiration for assembling your Battle Road kit.

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 1: Individual Clothing Consultations – Discuss the options for a new kit or improvements to your existing kit in one on one sessions

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 2: Sewing Bee – Stuck on a clothing project? Can’t get those sleeves to fit properly? Not sure where that hem should fall? Bring a project you are working on for help, inspiration or just because you need to get it done!



HIVE 2: Sunday, February 10 -- 1pm to 4pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lecture: 18th century hair of the lower and middle class. We’ll be taking a look at hair and hat options as depicted in period artwork as well as advertisements and inventories.

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 1: Making a Workman’s cap – Hand sew your own linen workman’s cap. Learn some basic hand sewing techniques while constructing a useful item.

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 2: Applying period construction techniques to a commercial pattern – We’ll show you how to take a woman’s gown pattern and make it more accurate (and easier to make) by using 18th century clothing construction methods.


HIVE 3: Sunday, March 16 -- 1pm to 4pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lecture: Earbobs, Witches Hearts, Sleeve links, wig loops --What’s what in 18th century jewelry and which is right for you? Join our guest speaker Sharon Burnston for a discussion on period “bling” for men and women of all social classes. By studying period portraits as well as some of her personal treasures, Sharon will guide you through a tour of period jewelry that will help you find just the right accessories for your impression

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 1: Lining a man’s hat – Make your hat more comfortable and gain a better fit with a proper lining. Bring your unlined hat or a hat that needs new innards

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Clinic 2: Hemming a petticoat Learn about the techniques for finishing the hem of a petticoat.