Taylor Shelby (tayloropolis) wrote,
Taylor Shelby

Stash storage

I few weeks ago, this image came across my facebook feed:

I kind of can't stop thinking about it.  I've been struggling with a way to store my fabric hoard, because my current workspace is quite small, and I now have so much jewelry stuff that there really isn't room for my fabric.  Eric keeps suggesting that I put it in the attic in rubbermaid bins, but the idea of having it all hidden away made me nervous since I knew I would lose sight on what I have (which means I'll buy new stuff intead of using stash fabric...not good or necesary!).  Currently it's all folded on a wire bakers rack, so I can SEE what I have, but I could use that space much more efficently if I could move my fabric out of there.

But I love the idea of doing these little cards.  I could do them on larger 3x5 note cards which would allow for room on the back to write things like length, width, fibre content, and I could update if I use some yardage or have any comments about it.

Does anyone else use a method like this for storing their fabric?  How do you like it?

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