Stash storage

I few weeks ago, this image came across my facebook feed:

I kind of can't stop thinking about it.  I've been struggling with a way to store my fabric hoard, because my current workspace is quite small, and I now have so much jewelry stuff that there really isn't room for my fabric.  Eric keeps suggesting that I put it in the attic in rubbermaid bins, but the idea of having it all hidden away made me nervous since I knew I would lose sight on what I have (which means I'll buy new stuff intead of using stash fabric...not good or necesary!).  Currently it's all folded on a wire bakers rack, so I can SEE what I have, but I could use that space much more efficently if I could move my fabric out of there.

But I love the idea of doing these little cards.  I could do them on larger 3x5 note cards which would allow for room on the back to write things like length, width, fibre content, and I could update if I use some yardage or have any comments about it.

Does anyone else use a method like this for storing their fabric?  How do you like it?
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Plans plans plans!

Now that I'm back home and all afire with CoCo inspiration, I've got to get to sewing!

I have three biggish projects that I need to complete by the end of September, which unfortunately all have just about the same due date.

The first thing:

Reproduction 1790s Yellow Silk Jacket.  Earlier this year I was asked to create some jewelry for an upcoming exhibit at the DAR Museum in DC (I know, right?  I still can't get over how amazing and humbling that is).  It's going to be about Federal fashion and it is going to be awesome.  One of the benefits of doing the jewelry was getting to see all of the pieces and there are some that are so, so special and unique.  It runs from October-April 2017, and I hope you'll get a chance to see it.  MEGA SUPER BONUS: There will be an exhibition catalog WITH PATTERNS.  I couldn't be more thrilled!

 The curator for the exhibit, Alden O'Brien, actually lives just a few blocks away from me, and I ended up absolutely loving her, so it's been really fun to get to know her.  She's asked me to come by a few times and help style the mannequins they are using in the exhibit (they did photography for the catalog a few months ago), so it's been a real joy and learning experience to get to help with that aspect.  In fact, I actually did the hair on both of these two girls:

  It's made with wired taffeta ribbon, which I curled on dowels and pinned down to fosshape skull caps.  I'm really excited about how great they look!  The turban is a whisper-light antqiue kerchief that was so delicate I was afraid to handle it!  The quality of the cloth back  And it's also covered with the most beautiful whitework.  I also made the necklace for the girl on the left, which is based off one in a portrait held by the DAR.  The one on the right is an original piece in their collections.

My partner in Crime in all of this has been Carolyn ( who is ALSO my neighbor (all three of us live within 6 blocks of each other!), who put me in contact with Alden in the first place.  She's also the one who did all of the patterns for the catalog.

Alden invited us both to attend the opening night gala and suggested that we wear period clothing.  Carolyn was already planning on making that absolutely adorable vest that the girl on the right is wearing, so it only seemed fitting that I would make the yellow.  I's yellow!  It seems really simple from the front, but what's really cool about this is that it was re-made from an earlier gown, so it still has some wacky pleating in the back.  I have some photos (but none at work...where I am right now), so those will have to wait.  It's going to take some thinking to figure out how to reproduce it perfectly, which is definitely my goal.  Not only is it kinda weird and very yellow, but it also has giant armpit sweat!  This thing is so ME, ha!

I'll also need a super sheer light petticoat to go with it.  I got some amazing cotton/linen blend fabric in LA that was bought just for this purpose.  I'm really excited to sew with it!

Things 2 and 3 are two wacky 1820s or 1830s dresses, but I haven't nailed down a plan for those yet so that post will have to wait!
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CoCo Freedom!

I signed up for NO LIMITED CLASSES!  None!  Not a one!

I took two last year and one was pretty good (mostly because Leia was there with me!) and the other was bleh (and I had to miss Elizabeth's dancing class which everyone loved).  I had way, way more fun in the unlimited classes and of course the best part was just getting to hang out with everyone, so I decided that this year I wasn't going to tie myself to any class and would just go where the wind blows me!

Can't wait!  I'm even SEWING if you can believe that!
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Ditching the Francaise

I have had silk taffeta set aside for a very specific francaise for some time now, but I just can't get over the fact that I don't wan't to make it. I don't like the style of the Francaise, I don't like making them.  I'm just not feeling it.  So I said to hell with it and I'm going to make this instead:

I just LOVE it.  It's so luxe with the weird proto bustle and the super long skirts, the narrow banding along the edges.  It's impractical and gorgeous.  I wants it.  I have many yards of a fantastic deep purple silk taffeta, so this with be more of a plumb color, but Samantha was able to come through with a few yards of yellow taffeta so I can at least keep within the color scheme.  It SHOULD be easy, because I already have a good 18th century bodice pattern and there isn't any crazy trim or anything.  Let's see if I can pull this off in the next few weeks!

See y'all at the francaise dinner!
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On the hunt for fabric

Hey all! I'm on the hunt for a remnant of fabric!

I'm looking for 1-2 yards (or a little more, if you have it), of this fabric:

I know a few people used this apple-green stripe a few years ago, so hopefully someone has some bumping around in their stash!
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Velvets are in!

For those of you who expressed interest in velvet ribbon, I've just listed the first 9 colors in my Etsy shop!

Don't forget to use the coupon code "ljfriends" and you can take 10% off your order!

This is just the first blush of 2-inch wide ribbons, mostly in darker colors. There's an amazing purple and an awesome gunmetal up now!

I don't know what I was thinking buying all this damn ribbon! It's going to take me forever to photograph it (and where am I going to store it? Shit!). Anywho...take a look. More coming soonish, let me know if you have any requests of stuff you need RIGHTNOW!
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Costume College Change of Plans

Thank you all so much for the kind words on the house!  I'm very excited, and it looks like we'll be moving in at the end of the month, a week before Costume College.

Even though the house technically didn't need any work, we're doing some anyway.  We are doing a bit of remodeling on the bathroom and laundry rooms downstairs (and by little bit, I mean they gutted the whole thing), we're having the floors refinished, and we're repainting everything.  There's also an unending list of little annoying stuff, like changing out light fixtures and swtch plates, re-painting the cast-iron security doors, minor landscaping.  We've spent every free moment over there, and will continue to do so until we move in.

So I've changed my Costume College plans.  I have no time to make anything new, so I'll be trudging out the old stuff and giving it another wear!  I'm oddly OK with this.  The last thing I want to do is stress about sewing right now, so I'm just going to wear old stuff that I love, whip up some new fabulous jewelry, and have an awesome time learning and visiting and admiring all of y'all!

Yay!  I know it's all about the costumes, but isn't it REALLY all about the company?  That's how I'm choosing to look at it!
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Oh right, Costume College!  I thought that was like 7 months from now, but it turns out it is just around the corner!  Fun fact:  100% of my costumes, fabric, and sewing supplies are totally inaccessabile in the back of my storage unit!  YAY!

But there is one thing I didn't store, because I was worried about it being damaged, and that is 9 yards of a magnificent grey velvet.  You know what costume I've always wanted to do?  The Grey Lady from Harry Potter!  And hey, isn't the theme this year something about literature?  YAY!  Thank you fates, for smiling on me this once.

Yeah, but here's the thing:  I know approximately dick about anything prior to about 1740.  So....what the hell is this dress, anyway?

Is this Italian Renaissance?  I don't even know!  I always think fluffy sleeves = Italian Renaissance (how's that for some scholarly costume research, eh?), but I really have no clue.

Other funny things:  This dress is not Velvet.  Rowena Ravenclaw lived in the 12th Century, and I KNOW this isn't 12th century.  So I'm doing a totally inaccurate version of a costume that was totally inaccurate in the movie.  Lawlz.
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guh so busy

The best way I can describe how busy I am is thusly:

Four yards of copper SILK velvet arrived to my house on Tuesday, and I haven't even taken it out of the package yet.

Is it Smarch yet?  I could really use an extra month between now and yesterday.