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Flash Sale!

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Hi Everyone!  I'm having a Flash Sale in my Etsy Shop!  Everything is 15% off using coupon code "FLASH15" at checkout.  The coupon is good until midnight TONIGHT (Sunday), so have at it!

I have some new earrings and flowers available in my shop, too:



The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Totally unrelated to y'all posting about plans from Game of Thrones costumes, I have decided to do one myself.

This all started thanks to a few of my friends/co-workers BEGGING me to watch Game of Thrones so I would stop yelling at them about spoiling things for me.  You see, I planned to watch it, but I didn't have HBO.  Finally I succumbed to the pressure and started reading it, at about the same time I got HBO.  That was about a week and a half ago and I am OBSESSED.  I decided I wanted to read it first, so I am simultaneously reading and watching it together!  I'm several chapters into book 3 and halfway through season 2 (trying to stay ahead so the show doesn't spoil the book for me!).

Coincidentally, I decided I really wanted to go to Baltimore Comicon with quincy134 in August? September?  I don't really remember when it is, but I know I want to go!  I had no idea what kind of costume to make and then I fell into this wonderful series and so I decided to do something from GoT.  I was playing around with the idea of Catelyn Stark, because I liked her character a lot, but I was nervous about wearing heavy wools and furs in Baltimore at that time of year.

And then I met Melisandre:


She is completely terrifying and creepy and I haven't gotten far enough in the series to know entirely what kind of havoc she wreaks, but OMG I want that outfit!

I've already figured out how to make the signature necklace (cut leather!) and I just happen to have a big ass fake paste ruby (SURPRISE).  The dress seems pretty straightforward...ish.  The fabric will be tricky (so please keep your eyes open for me).  And jennylafleur- let's talk about dyeing my hair red!

Rococo trims!

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Someone in England sold me her stash of vintage rococo trims!  Sweet!  Now I'm selling them, because what am I going to do with 150 yards of rococo trim (don't answer that!).  They are all $2/yard and I have at least 15 yards of each (and a good deal more of several of them).  Don't forget that you can use the code LJFRIENDS to get 10% off in my shop- on everything!


Fort Frederick!

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Ft. Fred Market Fair was so fun this year!  It almost felt like a new event, I think because I usually go with my reenactor friends and this year I went with the costuming friends!   It was so fun to be pretty and fluffy and I'm so glad I wore my crossbarred silk gown because it was delightful in the billowing winds, as evidenced by this lovely picture from madamekat:


Everyone looked FABULOUS and once again I was wowed by how gorgeous and talented and generally wonderful my friends are.  I feel so lucky to be able to hang with you gals (and your good-humored and patent guys, too!).  It was especially wonderful to have my dear jennil with us, who made it so special!  And thank you to quincy134 who put me up for not one but TWO nights, and was a totally wonderful hostess.

I got some good pictures, so I'll put them under the cut...Feel free to steal :)Collapse )

Apr. 16th, 2014

Did you see that chain mail bikini?

HEY GUESS WHAT!?  I have waaaaay too many jewelry supplies!  Some of them I found such good deals on that I bought hundreds of them at once.  I have more than I can ever possibly use, and I know I have friends on here who make their own jewelry (or want to!).  Solution?  Start another Etsy shop: La Mode Supplies.  So here are some of the best deals I could find.  I'm only offering stuff that you can't find cheaper on Etsy in other places. Hope it helps (and you help me get rid of the thousands and thousands of vintage rhinestones and cameos I have in my house).  Some of them are even offered in larger wholesale amounts when I have the stock to do so.  Tell your friends!

Ft. Fred Weekend

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Hi Everyone!  I know a lot of folks are planning on going to the annual Ft. Fred Market Faire (April 26 & 27).  I also just found out about a Regency luncheon at Gatsby's Tavern (here in Alexandria, VA) that the Regency Society of Virginia is putting on.  It's an awesome location- a real 18th century site- and they have balls that lots of us have been to.

The luncheon is on Saturday.  What would thoughts be about doing the lunch on Saturday and going to Ft. Fred on Sunday?  My guestroom is open and I have space on the floor for air mattresses if anyone wants to make a weekend out of it.  Ft. Fred is about 1 1/2 hours away from me in Alexandria, but it is on the way back up for you PA/NJ girls!

Let me know if anyone is interested!  We are trying to solidify our plans because jennil is coming down. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Fabrics for sale...

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
I just listed some silk fabrics in my Etsy shop:

Silk Sarcenet @ $11-11.50/yd (perfect for Regency gowns!)


And some silk taffetas @ $14/yd:


All here:


Did you see that chain mail bikini?
Thank you all for the feedback on the settings for my necklaces.  I think I'm going to try ordering a few hundred of the settings so I can offer an alternate choice for those of you who are interested in more accuracy, but I'll still keep doing my original style as well.  And for those of you who have already purchased one and are interested in having them re-set in the new settings, I'll definitely have that be an option as well.  It will take about 1-2 months for me to get the settings in, so I'll post again when they are here and talk to you about how to work that out.

But mostly I want to drop in and talk about how freaking excited I am about the new Outlander series that they are doing for Starz.  Here's the far too short 45 second teaser on their website:

(I've watched it about 300 times)

If you aren't familiar with the story, it's about a woman who is a WWII nurse and she gets sucked back in time to the 1740s through a portal in a circle of standing stones.  I know that sounds kinda cheesy, but what results is the greatest historical fiction novel of all time.  Well...novels, I should say. There are 7 of them and they are all extremely long, which I love.  They are just spectacular, and I'm so excited that they are finally doing a series (especially one on a premium channel so they can keep in all the sex and blood, of which there is a lot).

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this?

Business indecision

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
I need opinions!

I had a metalsmith custom make me some reproduction collet settings that are far more accurate, sturdy, and beautiful than the ones I currently use.  They are also gold and silver plated.  But they are a lot more expensive than what I use now and would result in a $20-$30 increase in the price of my necklaces.  So please give me your  honest opinion:  is the current $50-$70 price point the most you are able or willing to pay, or would you be willing to pay more for something that is more accurate and higher quality?

I need to know, because it will be a considerable investment if I decide to use these (they are custom made for me).

 Thank you!

2014 plans

Did you see that chain mail bikini?
I suppose I can also post about my 2014 plans!

1.  Regency Sheer Gown, which I just posted about, of course!

2.  Trim my 1790s open robe for the Birthnight Ball in February:

Now:  BO-ring.

3.  1790s Redingote that I have been wanting for year.  I have the fabric and everything!  Even the hat!


4.  Some kind of fluffy, frilly 18th C. dressing gown.

5.  A sleeveless Regency jumper gown.  This is mostly made, in fact.  Just need to put the pieces together.

6.  A new pair of 18th C. Stays.  Patterning is done and the pieces have been cut out, but still a lot more work on these.

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head!  I'm sure there will be more- hopefully!


Did you see that chain mail bikini?
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