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Oh right, Costume College!  I thought that was like 7 months from now, but it turns out it is just around the corner!  Fun fact:  100% of my costumes, fabric, and sewing supplies are totally inaccessabile in the back of my storage unit!  YAY!

But there is one thing I didn't store, because I was worried about it being damaged, and that is 9 yards of a magnificent grey velvet.  You know what costume I've always wanted to do?  The Grey Lady from Harry Potter!  And hey, isn't the theme this year something about literature?  YAY!  Thank you fates, for smiling on me this once.

Yeah, but here's the thing:  I know approximately dick about anything prior to about 1740.  So....what the hell is this dress, anyway?

Is this Italian Renaissance?  I don't even know!  I always think fluffy sleeves = Italian Renaissance (how's that for some scholarly costume research, eh?), but I really have no clue.

Other funny things:  This dress is not Velvet.  Rowena Ravenclaw lived in the 12th Century, and I KNOW this isn't 12th century.  So I'm doing a totally inaccurate version of a costume that was totally inaccurate in the movie.  Lawlz.

guh so busy

The best way I can describe how busy I am is thusly:

Four yards of copper SILK velvet arrived to my house on Tuesday, and I haven't even taken it out of the package yet.

Is it Smarch yet?  I could really use an extra month between now and yesterday. 

Tiara day?

There's a Tiara Day going on over on the Facebooks (

So I made this:


I was inspired by this one over at Bonhams: (


This is a test run for a new item I'm thinking about offering in my shop.  There are metal combs wired to either end, and it is flexible in the middle, so you can wear it several different ways.  I would charge $55 for them.  I can customize the colors, too!  Think it's worthwhile to offer these?
Y'all, Y'ALL.  I think the tiaras are going to happen...with one huge caveat.  They will be really expensive.  Here's the post from my Facebook page:

"Friends! Please read! I need your input. I'm in the middle of very, very exciting communications with an 18th-century metalsmith/jeweler to have tiaras made. These will be exquisite reproductions, all handmade, of high quality gold- and silver-plated steel. These aren't going to be "good enough" or "ok" but true museum-quality reproductions. But, they are going to be expensive. Likely upwards of $200-$250 each. They will be customizable as far as the stones I use, so they can be made in many colors. So here's my question: would you be willing to pay that much for a reproduction tiara. We've got to figure out if the market is there before we outlay the considerable up-front cost and time. And please be honest and open- you won't hurt my feelings! Thank you!"

So...what say you?  Crazy expensive?  Potentially worth it if they are awesome?  Shut up and take my money?

Two very exciting things!

1.  I'm in talks with an metal smith who specializes in 18th century jewelry to make Regency tiaras!  OMG if this works it will be the pinnacle of my jewelry making career!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

2.  I think I'm going to Costum College!  I have enough money coming from Dames a la Mode (provided I don't have to drop $5,000 for a tiara casting mold...which I may...) that I can justify going as a "business" expenditure.  I'm excited and terrified!  Haven't bought tickets yet, but thinks are looking very good.

12th Night Sale!

Today is 12th Night!  A lovley historical holiday and this is the first time in YEARS I haven't done something wonderful to celebrate, so I decided to have a sale in my Etsy shop.  Everything is 20% off using the code "12THNIGHT" including collet necklaces, earrings, paper flowers, ribbons- everything!

Good through midnight tonight (January 6th). 

Flash Sale!

Hi Everyone!  I'm having a Flash Sale in my Etsy Shop!  Everything is 15% off using coupon code "FLASH15" at checkout.  The coupon is good until midnight TONIGHT (Sunday), so have at it!

I have some new earrings and flowers available in my shop, too:



The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Totally unrelated to y'all posting about plans from Game of Thrones costumes, I have decided to do one myself.

This all started thanks to a few of my friends/co-workers BEGGING me to watch Game of Thrones so I would stop yelling at them about spoiling things for me.  You see, I planned to watch it, but I didn't have HBO.  Finally I succumbed to the pressure and started reading it, at about the same time I got HBO.  That was about a week and a half ago and I am OBSESSED.  I decided I wanted to read it first, so I am simultaneously reading and watching it together!  I'm several chapters into book 3 and halfway through season 2 (trying to stay ahead so the show doesn't spoil the book for me!).

Coincidentally, I decided I really wanted to go to Baltimore Comicon with quincy134 in August? September?  I don't really remember when it is, but I know I want to go!  I had no idea what kind of costume to make and then I fell into this wonderful series and so I decided to do something from GoT.  I was playing around with the idea of Catelyn Stark, because I liked her character a lot, but I was nervous about wearing heavy wools and furs in Baltimore at that time of year.

And then I met Melisandre:


She is completely terrifying and creepy and I haven't gotten far enough in the series to know entirely what kind of havoc she wreaks, but OMG I want that outfit!

I've already figured out how to make the signature necklace (cut leather!) and I just happen to have a big ass fake paste ruby (SURPRISE).  The dress seems pretty straightforward...ish.  The fabric will be tricky (so please keep your eyes open for me).  And jennylafleur- let's talk about dyeing my hair red!

Rococo trims!

Someone in England sold me her stash of vintage rococo trims!  Sweet!  Now I'm selling them, because what am I going to do with 150 yards of rococo trim (don't answer that!).  They are all $2/yard and I have at least 15 yards of each (and a good deal more of several of them).  Don't forget that you can use the code LJFRIENDS to get 10% off in my shop- on everything!


Fort Frederick!

Ft. Fred Market Fair was so fun this year!  It almost felt like a new event, I think because I usually go with my reenactor friends and this year I went with the costuming friends!   It was so fun to be pretty and fluffy and I'm so glad I wore my crossbarred silk gown because it was delightful in the billowing winds, as evidenced by this lovely picture from madamekat:


Everyone looked FABULOUS and once again I was wowed by how gorgeous and talented and generally wonderful my friends are.  I feel so lucky to be able to hang with you gals (and your good-humored and patent guys, too!).  It was especially wonderful to have my dear jennil with us, who made it so special!  And thank you to quincy134 who put me up for not one but TWO nights, and was a totally wonderful hostess.

I got some good pictures, so I'll put them under the cut...Feel free to steal :)Collapse )


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